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Auditing & Assurance

The audit may be required by statute; and if properly planned, it can become a useful management tool. Our approach enables us to focus our time and effort on the most significant areas of the accounts and controls. So, we not only keep our time cost to a minimum but also increase the effectiveness of the audit and thus provide maximum value to the client.

The process of obtaining comprehensive understanding of the client's business, accounting system and internal controls enable us to focus on key areas besides doing the normal audit. This process also depends upon client-to-client requirements. This approach ensures that the professional and commercial experience of the members of the firm is constantly brought to bear on a client's affairs.

Over the years we have specialized in carrying out the internal-management audits of small to medium sized business entities. The thrust is to audit for the statutory requirements and also simultaneously report the irregularities and the weakness in the internal control and systems for proper action and rectification.

Audit service in todays environment is a challenge. With the requirement to file multiple returns to multiple agencies in electronic form, the requirement to tie up all these returns with the books of accounts and ensure that all of them speak the same language is an onerous task by itself We are KSJ, specialize in these kinds of assignments/audits thereby ensuring high level audit assurance as well as providing peace of mind to our clients who know that even if the accounts are picked up for scrutiny by any authority, they need not have to be worried. Thus we not only do quality audit but also provide post audit assurance to our clients on above lines.

INTERNAL AUDIT has become a mandatory requirement for a set of companies falling above the threshold requirement. Now a days internal audit has become more of a systems audit, management audit and risk audit all put into one. We at KSJ specialize in providing this service with a dedicated team headed by a dedicated Audit Manager to take care of this function. This service of KSJ is one of the most sought after by clients who know for sure that once their books are subject to this Internal Audit, then they can be rest assured that ALL IS WELL.

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