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With the advent of FEMA, 1999 there have been lot of liberalization in the field of foreign exchange movement in and out of India. A thorough knowledge of the provisions coupled with constant updation of various Master Circulars/Master Directions and regulations issued by the Reserve Bank of India [RBI]f from time to time is a pre-requisite. The provisions of FEMA span from current account transactions to capital account transactions, FDI into India, posting a representative abroad, opening of a bank account outside India, advise on holding foreign exchange assets by resident Indians, availing of foreign currency loan (aka ECB) in compliance with the extant guidelines. Advice on various foreign exchange matters under the Act including in connection with that stemming from inbound investment into India and outbound investment outside India Obtaining various approvals under the said Act from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and providing assistance in complying with requirement prescribed by the RBI.

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