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Understanding the fact that the compliance requirements for large, small and medium corporates are one and the same and that a small or medium sized corporate may not be in a position to have a full fledged Finance, Accounts and compliance time in place till the business grows, we at KSJ step in and provide all the required services to help the company focus on its business. With myriad legislations and related compliances in place, it is indeed a challenge to do business in this country. A lot of localization is required to understand the ground realities and provided a quick turn around solution to client needs. To compound to this is the fact that most of these legislations are dynamic and keep changing by the day. Adding to the woes is a set of penal consequences leading to hardship in business on account of non-compliance with these regulations. It is always better to comply with the provisions of law and focus on business. This compliance (which is more or less similar to small, medium and big entities) will be totally taken care of by KSJ.

We hand hold with the company from start-up till grown-up and sail with the company in the thick and thin of times thereby creating an everlasting bond with one another. The confidence our client reposes in us gives us immense satisfaction at the end of the day. We have helped multiple Multi-national MNCs’ in the above area in the past. We specialize in handling Korean and UK based entities and provide solution to their satisfaction. Once a KSJ client, they are for ever a KSJ client. Transparency, efficiency in work and short turn around time have been the hall mark our service with these clients. We ensure that this work takes place at the client premises and there is no conflict of interest. In those cases where we provide audit and assurance services we do not undertake this service.

  • Accounting outsourcing.
  • My CFO services where the services of the in-house CFO are taken care by our team
  • Payroll processing
  • Preparation of management accounts and management information systems
  • Fixed Assets verification and completion of records
  • All compliances required under FEMA for these entities
  • Maintenance of statutory records under the Companies Act, 2013
  • Maintenance of minutes books under the Companies Act, 2013
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