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Why Choose Us?

KSJ is another name for efficiency. Prompt service is our USP. We are very reliable and adopt a pro-active approach. We have all the solutions ready under one roof and we maintain good liaison with our clients. Some of the factors, which we focus on while delivering services, are

Transparency & Promptness of Delivery
We answer correspondence (especially e mails) promptly and deliver our services on time. Satisfying our client's needs as soon as the needs arise is what motivates us. Before undertaking any work, we go through multiple permutation and combination ranging from work on hand, to our capabilities to the client's urgency etc and only when the new task meets all the parameters it will be undertaken by the firm. Once it is undertaken, it becomes "our" work and not "client's work" thereby the responsibility and ownership in the work shifts to us leaving our client a happy lot.

Efficiency & cost effective approach in any job undertaken
We plan ahead so that all the resources, which we need for servicing our clients' requirements, are always ready and in place. This helps us speed up responses and keep our costs under control thereby providing the most of efficient of service/solution at the most reasonable cost.

Proactive approach& never say die attitude
When we have a suggestion to make - or a new development affecting the client, or a new business opportunity, or a new way of improving the client's controls and procedures, we do not wait to be asked before giving our views and suggestions.
Todays business is driven by multiple due dates under different legislations. Most of such compliances are through electronic form. Non-compliance with these statutes attracts financial damage, not to mention the penal and other consequences. To top this the firms credibility and rating in the market place takes a beating since the fact of non-compliance is made public and it is for one and all to see. Considering these factors, we at KSJ take these client compliances with utmost importance and priority and ensure compliance with applicable statutory compliances which are handled by us. We constantly follow up with our clients on a very close basis, sending reminders to them in all possible channels of communication and will not rest till the work is completed. Even the most toughest of assignments, if undertaken by us will find good result on account of our focus on the job undertaken and determination to get it completed yielding best results for our client.

Technical Excellence and Reliability
All our staff is kept fully up dated with all the latest technical developments. We subscribe to multiple data bases and portals for knowledge updation. We have frequent in-house meetings with our staff and students thereby ensuring that our staff and students always stay on top of things that are happening. Interaction with partners of our firm is a rave among the students. We can boast to be one among few firms which would permit direct and personal interaction with the partners of the firm whereby the young minds get ignited to perform and thereby leading not only to building a budding Chartered Accountant, but also leading to ultimate client satisfaction.
In a nutshell, we stand for all the qualities mentioned below:

  • Promptness of services at the most reasonable of costs
  • Value for money in our services
  • Efficiency in our organization
  • A Pro Active approach
  • Reliability
  • Transparency
  • Excellent liaison with Government authorities
  • All solutions (client support services) under one roof
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