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We conduct in-depth transaction scrutiny on credentials of Indian entities prior to entering into business partnerships/mergers. This is one area where we really specialize and love to help with. In case of inorganic growth, taking the first right step is all that matters to a business entity. With our in depth knowledge and experience in multiple facets of compliances and legislations it is quite easy for us to rip into the financial and accounting past of target entities and help the acquirer to come to a correct conclusion on whether or not to acquire the target entity.

Many a times we are called in to do a due diligence of a target entity prior to a take-over. In such situations, we sit with the entire team of the target entity and analyze their strength and weakness and help fix/set right areas of deficiency. Such work has been appreciated by our clients in the past as it helps them to negotiate with the acquirer and helps in smooth transition.

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